This wiki's purpose is to help GMs and players who need a fully-statted out NPC right now.

Any GM can think up personalities on the fly and assign them to NPCs as needed. And good GMs can create interesting non-player characters as their players encounter and interact with them. That's the 'easy' part of GMing -- inventing the shell of a person for your players.

However, when stats start to be important, on-the-fly GMing becomes pretty difficult. Very few GMs can put together a stat block without taking several minutes (or longer) to create an NPC whose stats make sense and are appropriate for their game. That's where the NPC Repository comes in.

The NPCs created here should have a bit of personality and description. Most importantly, though, they should have stat blocks. This may not seem terribly creative; but these stat blocks exist to enable GM creativity, and to keep games flowing smoothly as a GM grabs an appropriate NPC stat block without interrupting their game. Interesting personalities are secondary -- an important consideration, especially for a GM browsing the Repository for inspiration -- but nonetheless secondary.

Do and Do NotEdit

  • Do create a stat block for each NPC in an appropriate system.
  • Do give information about how that NPC might fit into a particular genre.
  • Do not give your NPCs names. These are specific to each game table, and obfuscate more useful, descriptive information.
  • Do give some personality and physical description hints.
  • Do not create a complete personality, backstory, and physical description.
  • Do provide information about combat tactics, social tricks, and other 'usage' information.
  • Do not provide entire encounters.
  • If you have the time, or you think it's appropriate, do provide some "scaled" stat blocks, especially for NPC designed to be important, recurring figures through a campaign. (This is a lot of work, so it's definitely not required -- but it is helpful, and we appreciate your time and generosity!)