Due to specific guidelines of the NPC Repository, only a list of the NPCs is provided. The NPCs, including a few place names, events, and a minor god, are fully outlined with backstory and statboxes at Another Caffeinated Day.

A to Z NPCs, Places and DietiesEdit

  1. A is for Abbot Isodard Gumy, Wave Lord of Manann, Pointe du Flambeau Silencieux, Silent Isle
  2. B is for Black Water (location)
  3. C is for Coachman Jaswick Downhill
  4. D is for Dilettante Saissa Jean-Aubry
  5. E is for Essen, Village of The League of Ostermark (location)
  6. F is for Friar Blessed Roderic Leer, Ulrican Friar
  7. G is for Ghost Strider Aensanaine Soaringsun, High Elf
  8. H is for Horned Hunter Van Garten
  9. I is for Ice Maiden Beledna "Belinka" Evelinavnuka Skvorskov
  10. J is for Jailor Deiter Narbe, "The Scar"
  11. K is for Kemperbad, Freistadt (location)
  12. L is for Lay Priest Jean De Pouchet, Cult of Manann
  13. M is for Master Vigilant Lucas Tauberwasser, Magister of Ulgu, The Grey Order
  14. N is for Night of the Fire Arrows (event)
  15. O is for Outrider Ditl Mohrfurt
  16. P is for Penitent Keterlind Lechardt, Warrior Cult of Myrmidia
  17. Q is for The Quinsberry Lodge, Alfred Hempfire , Tradesman and Steward, Kirchham, Stirland (faction)
  18. R is for Runebearer Kaztok Darinson
  19. S is for Shieldbreaker Jorunn Skafinson
  20. T is for Toll Keeper Velgeit Rechtshandler (Deceased)
  21. U is for Ubersreik (location)
  22. V is for Vagabond Hadred Buschdorfer
  23. W is for Wall Warden Arbert
  24. X is for Xoanon of Taal and Rhya (location)
  25. Y is for Yeoman Simo Goubert
  26. Z is for Zuvassin the Undoer (god)