A vain, ambitious commoner in a nobleman's guard.  This was set up using D&D 3.5.  I messed with the AC stats a bit.


Str: 14   Dex: 12   Con: 12   Int: 11   Wis: 9   Cha: 13   Age: 20

Class:  Fighter  Level:  2  Race:  Human  Alignment:  Neutral

HP: 20   AC: 14   Reflex: 1   Fortitude: 4  Will: -1  Initiative: 1

Melee: 4   Ranged: 3

Skills and FeatsEdit

Bluff: 3  Handle Animal: 3  Pickpocket: 2  Ride: 3  Swim: 2 Use Rope:2

Feats:  Mounted Combat,  Quick Draw

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Weapons:  all at attack bonus +4 in main hand, +2 in off hand

Longsword, Light Lance, Dagger, Punching Dagger

Armor:  Chainmail, Light steel shield

Normally with this armor, he'd be at AC 16, but he's been repairing his chainmail with butted links instead of rivetted links...

He has access to a light horse provided by his lord, and he can ride it in situations that look like police action rather than battle. 

Other AttributesEdit

Able, handsome and vain, he has ambitions beyond his rank and ability.  He has learned to dance, but he was raised a commoner and it shows to a sophisticated person.  His surcoat and shield are kept very clean, as are his hair, hands and teeth, but he's been neglecting his armor.  He upholds the law because it's in his interests, but he is also looking out for Number One.